Restoration-reconstruction of the comedy short The Girl From Everywhere (Eddie F. Cline, 1927)

This short is one of 8 slapstick comedies produced by Mack Sennett Comedies in a series of Bathing Girl pictures containing Technicolor sequences, released by Pathé between December 1927 and March 1929. Carole Lombard is featured in 6 shorts, in roles ranging from anonymous bathing beauty to female lead. The 35 mm dupe nitrate negative, recently rediscovered in Cinematek, is the 1928 two-reel version of the original four-reel release. Of the three lavishly produced tableaux scenes in two-color Technicolor, two are present in black and white, the end tableau is entirely missing. The restoration will reconstruct the original intertitles and the missing opening sequence. In addition, I restage the missing tableaux vivants as LOST SHOTS.

The short is well documented in surviving script drafts, a synopsis that was typically written after the final cut, and prepared press previews held in the Mack Sennett Papers collection, AMPAS, Los Angeles, which allows for an accurate and reliable reconstruction.

 The Campus Carmen, 1928   courtesy AFA 
 Carole Lombard in The Campus Carmen   courtesy AFA 
 Love at First Flight, 1928   courtesy AFA 
 The Girl From Everywhere, 1927   production still courtesy CINEMATEK 
 The Girl From Everywhere, 1927   ad in trade press 
 Graf von Courten, Diana with Lion